Sven Bloemen - Drummer Educator

Sven Bloemen

Drummer - Educator

About Sven

Sven Bloemen is a Belgian drummer and educator. Besides running his own drum school Decent Drums for years, he is the drumming force in several musical projects including the Stef Paglia Trio.

In the past Sven has had the pleasure to work with some great bands and artists like RONES, The Bluesbones, Big Mama's Kitchen, Glenn Claes, ... and more. Sven is also active as an independent session drummer.


25-02-2023 GrooveDogs Delft Blues Delft NL
26-02-2023 Stef Paglia Trio Missy Sippy Gent BE
04-03-2023 Stef Paglia Trio De Amer Amen NL
23-03-2023 Stef Paglia Trio Support Joe Louis Walker Cleon FR
15-04-2023 Stef Paglia Trio Heyhoef Backstage Tilburg NL
17-05-2023 Stef Paglia Trio Don Petrol Tielt-Winge BE
20-05-2023 Stef Paglia Trio Stekene Blues Stekene BE



In 2014, Sven started his own drum school Decent Drums in the pursuit of a wholesome and thorough education for students eager to learn the drums. He set out to teach students of all strokes, independent of age, previous musical knowledge or training. To meet this goal, his approach to educating his students the art of drums is highly personalized.

If you want to find out more about Decent Drums, or if you are interested becoming a student yourself, please visit for more information.

Decent Drums